Mortgage News as of 12/23/10

Here are today’s rates:

Freddie Mac Weekly Average Rates (12/23/2010):
30 yr Fixed Rate- 4.81%
15 yr Fixed Rate- 4.15%

Rates are about the same this week as they were last week. This is the first time we have not seen rates worsen significantly in about 6 weeks. This is good news and hopefully a sign that rates have stabilized a little bit. While today’s rates are not as good as what we have seen in the past 6 months, they are still very good historically. We need to use this rate increase as a warning of what may be coming as the economy improves in 2011. These may be good reasons for any buyers who have been sitting on the fence to consider getting off the fence very soon.

Courtesy of Columbia Mortgage
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Bella Casa Team is a Real Estate group that specializes in Residential Real Estate. They want home buyers and sellers to be informed so they can make the best choice. It is so important to educate the public, especially during this unstable and unprecedented time in the Real Estate!
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